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Instagram voice and video calls incoming

Plans to offer calls through Facebook–owned app.

Instagram could soon offer voice and video calls, after newly discovered code revealed future plans for the Facebook–owned app.

The move follows the launch of Instagram Direct, an app which allows users to send images and missives to friends in the style of key rival Snapchat.

The latter has long offered video and voice calling, so bringing such services to the main Instagram app isn't too much of a surprise.

The code, first spotted by developers, suggests the services could be available via Instagram and Instagram Direct.

Instagram is engaged in a longstanding battle with Snapchat, and has a history of taking features which have proven popular on the ephemeral messaging service, adding its own twist and stealing users in the process.

This looks to be no different and marks the opening of another front in parent company Facebook’s attempts to become the undisputed king of social media.

It’s not yet clear when voice and video calling will launch on Instagram, but this latest leak suggests it could be a matter of weeks.



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