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Samsung Galaxy S10 shows off possible new look

Is this how the Samsung Galaxy S10 could look? One design firm seems to think so.

DBS Designing has knocked up these renders to show how the next iteration in Samsung’s Galaxy S series could look.

They’re based on recent leaks, and show a full-screen phone that comes in a range of colours.

There’s a distinct lack of a notch, too, as seen on the iPhone X. (This is the indentation at the top of the screen, housing the smarts used for facial recognition and unlocking the device.)

The S10 is rumoured to be the first major smartphone with a fingerprint sensor built under the screen. That would allow a full-screen design without having to feature the fingerprint sensor around the back, like with the S9 and S9 Plus.

Recent rumours say that the entry-level S10 could have the fingerprint sensor built into the side of the phone.

The renders also show three cameras on the rear of the device, which would be a step on from the current two.

These are just renders of course, they’re not how the actual device will look. But they provide a tantalising glimpse of what to expect next February.

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