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iPad Pro 2018: New details emerge


Apple’s forthcoming iPad Pro update looks set to come with enough sleek features to entice upgrading customers and potentially make a further dent in the California company’s MacBook range.

According to sources cited by 9to5 Mac, the redesigned tablet, long believed to feature Face ID instead of fingerprint scanning, will offer USB–C connectivity, a new connector for smart accessories and an updated Apple Pencil stylus.

The new Apple Pencil appears to be the headline feature, with sources claiming it will hook up to the iPad Pro via a proximity sensor, in much the same way as Apple’s AirPods.

Face ID is reputed to work in landscape as well as portrait mode, something which previous reports suggested would not be the case.

This would allow users to unlock the tablet when using it to watch videos or work with it connected to a smart keyboard.

The latter will now connect via a magnetic port on the rear rather than the smart connector of old, while a USB–C port means owners can plug the iPad Pro into a 4K HDR display.

That means that MacBook owners who connect their laptops to monitors at work may find the new iPad is a better long term option.

Apple is expected to reveal its new iPad Pro line-up later this month.



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