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Samsung Galaxy S10 prices revealed

Samsung Galaxy S10 OnLeaks

Here’s more from that massive leak concerning the Samsung Galaxy S10. As well as revealing the handset’s launch date and release date, the source “at a major tech retailer” has also spilled the beans on UK pricing.

The S10 Lite is the cheapest of the three handsets in the range. It will come with 128GB of storage, and cost £669. That’s cheaper than this year’s launch price of the S9.

The standard S10 will cost £799 – again, that gets you 128GB of storage. The 512GB version will set you back £999.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10 Plus is expected to have a bigger screen and more advanced camera. The 128GB model will cost £899, while the 512GB will be priced at £1,099. There will also be a 1TB model, which will set you back £1,399.

The 1TB model could be the 5G model that’s been mooted. This would deliver much faster internet access, provided you have a 5G mobile connection.

The source also revealed that the S10 will feature Powershare, which will let it charge up another handset wirelessly just by being placed against it. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro already has this ability.



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