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Samsung Galaxy A50

At a glance

  • A mid-range handset with a near bezel-less front
  • Fingerprint scanner built into the screen
  • Triple camera for taking amazing photos

What has the Samsung Galaxy A50 got to offer?

The Samsung Galaxy A50’s features include:

  • 25-megapixel main camera
  • 6.4-inch Infinity-U display with Super AMOLED colour
  • Bixby personal assistant is at your beck and call
  • Facial recognition unlocks your phone when you look at it
  • Three cameras for more photo modes
  • AI detects what you’re shooting and optimises the camera mode
  • Flaw Detection alerts you to blinks, blurs and lighting issues
  • In-screen fingerprint scanner works even with wet fingers
  • 128GB storage, plus up to 512GB extra microSD card
  • 23-hour battery life (talk time)

The perfect shot every time

The Galaxy A50 features one of the most advanced cameras around on a mid-range smartphone. Its three rear lenses give you a huge range of shooting modes, including ultra-wide-angle, night shots, and stunning portraits with a blurred background.

Not the best photographer around? Not a problem. Artificial intelligence detects when you mess up a shot (say someone blinks) and lets you know so you can retake it. It also knows what you’re shooting and adjusts the camera settings accordingly, so whether you’re snapping a dog, greenery, snow, a waterfall, text, sunsets or something else, you’ll get the best picture possible.

Safe as houses

Unlike most mid-range smartphones, the A50’s fingerprint sensor is built into the screen. Not only does that mean a clean, border-free front, it also means it can work when your fingers are wet (something traditional fingerprint scanners struggle with).

You can also unlock the phone using facial recognition. To do so, just look at the phone head-on, and it’ll unlock in the blink of an eye. It’s fast, convenient, and most of all, safe.

Big screen for big results

The A50 has a huge 6.4-inch Infinity-U display with next to no bezels around the edge. The result is an all-screen design that looks more premium that the price would suggest.

Super AMOLED technology means deep blacks and bright whites, making for more detail in the picture and making it look more lifelike. Fans of films and TV shows will love it.

Why choose the Galaxy A50 over the A40?

The A50 has a bigger screen and more impressive camera array than the slightly cheaper Galaxy A40. Its battery life is also a little longer.

If you’re watching films and TV shows a lot on your phone, and take a lot of photos, it’s worth spending the extra on the A50 over the A40.