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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SIM-free deals

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Should you by the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SIM free or a monthly contract?

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The pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SIM free or on a monthly contract are the same as any other high-end smartphones. Below we outline the factors that should influence your decision.

Pros of buying SIM free

SIM free is cheaper

If you can afford an outlay of hundreds of pounds to pay for the Note 8 outright and then you sign up for a good SIM only deal, you could save yourself a lot of money.

Uswitch research suggests that buying a smartphone this way can be between £150-£200 cheaper than buying the same handset on a standard phone-and-tariff deal.

You're not tied to a network

Buy the Galaxy Note 8 on a standard contract and your selection of networks is limited to those carrying the phone on pay monthly deals. That's typically the larger, better known carriers.

Not so if you buy the Galaxy Note 8 SIM free. In which case, you're free to pick from the whole range of networks, including the smaller carriers which tend to specialise in great value SIM only deals that eschew customer incentives and sweeteners in favour of generous allowances.

With SIM free, you're free to do what you want any old time

Buying the Galaxy Note 8 on a standard contract means you'll typically be locked into a 24-month term. So your stuck with it until you've paid it off. Or use an early upgrade scheme, which, of course, ties you in for another lengthy term.

But if you buy the Galaxy Note 8 SIM free you own it outright. So you're free to sell it or upgrade to a new phone whenever you like.

Cons of buying SIM free

As we've seen, if you can afford to buy the Galaxy Note 8 SIM free it can save you a lot of money. However, the stumbling block is that you'll have to find hundreds of pounds to buy the phone outright.

That's money not everyone has got to hand.

Conversely if you shop around you can buy the Galaxy Note 8 on a monthly contract and pay a small fee upfront. Or sometimes nothing at all.

So in some cases a monthly contract may be the only way to get the phone you want.

Think you'd prefer to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on a monthly contract? Compare our pick of the best deals.