Eon price changes

E.ON price changes

E.ON has announced a 3.5% price drop that took effect January 2015

This most recent E.ON price change means the average E.ON dual-fuel, direct debit customer will see their annual energy bill go down by £24 on average. This makes the average household E.ON bill clocks in at £1,145.

Find out more about E.ON, including full price change history and where the average E.ON energy bill ranks amongst the big six on our E.ON Supplier guide page.

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E.ON was the first supplier to announce a price cut. With wholesale gas prices falling throughout 2014, there was much outcry for suppliers' prices to follow suit.

Finally, in early 2015, E.ON stated it would cut prices for its customers, and within two weeks, each of the big six — British Gas, SSE, npower, ScottishPower and EDF Energy — had announced cuts of their own.

What uSwitch say about E.ON's price drop

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at uSwitch, said of the announcement:

“With wholesale energy costs continuing to drop, a cut to the standard tariff by a big six supplier is well overdue. Today’s announcement is to be applauded and the other major suppliers must now do the right thing for consumers and follow in E.ON’s footsteps.

“However, given the huge reduction in wholesale prices – which make up around half of energy bills – we believe standard tariffs can and should be cut even further. The question is – is the prospect of Labour’s price freeze to blame for the failure of the big six to cut standard prices until now?

“Today’s move places the big six back in the game. E.ON’s new fixed plan is now the cheapest on the market – and a significant £222 less than their standard deal. Rather than waiting for modest cuts to standard prices, consumers should take control of their bills by switching to one of these more competitive deals.”

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