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History of Uswitch

Uswitch has been helping consumers save money on their electricity, mobile phones and broadband deals since 20 September 2000. Originally focusing on energy deals, we added a mobile phones comparison service in 2001 and home broadband in 2005.

We've changed a lot since 2000! Here's what the Uswitch website looked like when we first launched:

Old Uswitch site image

Gaining the trust of consumers around the country, Uswitch has gone from being a fledgling company at the start of the millennium to an established leader in the price comparison market. Over the last 20 years we’ve saved consumers a total of £2.5 billion.

In 2018, Red Ventures and the investment firm Silverlake purchased Uswitch from the property giant Zoopla to create RVU, a family of brands of which Uswitch is now a part.

Uswitch 20th anniversary fun facts

Since it’s our anniversary, we’ve been going through all our data and have found some interesting facts and figures about how, when and who’s been using Uswitch to save money on bills and to find the perfect deals.

We went through all the people who’ve found better deals with Uswitch and it turns out more Davids have switched with us than any other name, with Daves counting for a huge 197,981 of all our energy switches, leading to a total of £49,891,212 being saved. Sarahs lead the female switchers, with 62,437 switches and £15,734,124 saved.

Top male Uswitchers

  • David

  • John

  • Paul

  • Andrew

  • Michael

  • Peter

  • Mark

  • James

  • Richard

  • Robert

Top female switchers

  • Sarah

  • Susan

  • Helen

  • Emma

  • Karen

  • Julie

  • Claire

  • Elizabeth

  • Nicola

  • Margaret

Looks like the start of the week is also the start of the switching journey, with 11am on Monday morning being the most popular time for seeking out a better deal.

Uswitch from 2000 to 2020

  • 2000: Energy comparison launched

  • 2001: Mobile comparison launched

  • 2009: Purchased by Forward

  • 2011: Purchase of Top10

  • 2016: Purchased by Zoopla

  • 2018: Uswitch joins RVU

We’re really proud of the work we’ve done since the start of the millennium, and we’ve got the happy customers to prove it. We reached out to some of them to see if they’d be interested in sharing their Uswitch experience. Here’s what they had to say:

“I didn’t realise Uswitch had been around for nearly 20 years! I first heard of Uswitch from a friend as a good platform for saving money. I wanted to save money so I gave them a try. Over the years I have used Uswitch many times to help me save money. Whenever my utilities contract is about to expire I always check out Uswitch for the best deals on utilities, my broadband and my mobile deals - I have saved hundreds of pounds!” - Anita S

“I have regularly been a Uswitch user for a number of years. Without Uswitch, it would be very difficult to save money on my energy bills as energy companies make it extremely difficult with all the different tariffs to know what a good deal is. Typing your information into Uswitch is quick and easy and has made my life a whole lot easier.” - Richard J

“I am an avid switcher, using Uswitch frequently throughout the year, every year. In the last few years I’ve saved at least £1,800 just on my mortgage alone. My second biggest saving is on my energy bill as I switch providers every year to get the cheapest deal. Across the years Uswitch has helped me save around £4,000. Switching efficiently every year will help you save money for a holiday or a car. It’s all about saving where you can and knocking the pennies off.” - Saurabh K

“I’ve used Uswitch for up to ten years now and made great savings across the years. My very first switch saved me around £200 and it encouraged me to search for a better energy deal every year. It puts my mind at ease knowing that I’m paying as little as possible for my energy at home and would recommend anyone overspending on their bills to use Uswitch to make the same savings.” - Esther F