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Uswitch partnership content

Occasionally, Uswitch creates original content in partnership with providers and suppliers. We explain a bit more about what that means.

What does it mean when content is created “in partnership with” a provider?

At Uswitch we have hundreds of pages of helpful content that provides information on everything from top tips to build your credit score to the UK’s safest cars.

Occasionally, we create one-off pages of content in collaboration with a supplier or provider that we call “partnership content.”

Here are a few things to know about how that partnership content works:

Any content that is created in partnership with a provider is always clearly and prominently labelled as such. (Readers can assume that unless labelled, any content on the Uswitch site is created without any influence or input from a provider.)

Partnership content can include information about a provider’s products, services, current offerings or deals.

Although funded by a provider, Uswitch maintains editorial control over such content. This means:

  • All partnership content is written in-house by our editorial team.

  • Uswitch has the final say in the content topic, as the editorial team are the experts on subject matter that resonates best with and matters most to its readers and customers.

  • While the provider is encouraged to collaborate on the piece, all final editorial decisions remain with the Uswitch editorial team.

  • Any opinions within the content (e.g. reviews of handsets) are expressly those of the editor.

About the Uswitch editorial team

Made up of experienced writers, editors and marketers, the Uswitch editorial team creates and/or oversees all content on the Uswitch website. They are trusted experts in everything from handsets to ISAs, and car insurance cover to energy price rises. Find out more about them here.