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Energy community events

Do you organise money-saving or energy-based events within your community? Are you responsible for helping to ease the burden of high energy bills for your local residents? The Uswitch Community Events Team can help — and it’s free.

High energy bills are one of the main financial concerns of running a home. However, many are unaware how simple it can be to use less energy or to get a better energy deal. The Uswitch Community Events Team is here to help you educate and inform members of your community on how to use less, waste less and pay less for their energy.

How Uswitch can help

Not everyone is able to use or comfortable using the internet to compare energy suppliers. Many simply aren’t aware that switching is possible. Our Energy Community Events initiative is designed to raise awareness of the money-saving potential of comparing and switching energy supplier to those who need it most.

Our Energy Community Events Team offer two services. They can attend events you are already holding for your local community and explain the options available for getting a better energy deal, or they can hold a training session for existing community advisers. Advisers will then be empowered with the most up-to-date information and the tools needed to go into the community and help their residents ensure they are not paying more than they have to for their energy.

What happens at an Energy Community Event?

Our experienced and friendly team of energy experts will work in partnership with your volunteer group, charity, housing association or faith organisation to show residents/members just how easy it is to save money on household bills by comparing energy plans. In addition, we provide simple and free household energy saving tips.

We can do this by running a presentation of our services or by providing a one-to-one advisory-based service to community members. This service is free of charge.

What happens at an energy training session?

Our experienced and friendly team of energy experts are happy to come to you at a convenient time. There will be an informative presentation followed by an interactive session to give your team of energy or money-saving advisers all the information they will need when tackling issues within their community.

Our training includes a high-quality and up-to-date overview of the energy market, a detailed review of energy bills and an A-Z of the online switching process.

Our training session lasts between 1 – 1.5 hours. This service is free of charge.

What types of groups do you work with?

We’re happy to work with all types of groups in need of money-saving or energy-saving help. Some examples of groups we’ve worked with in the past include:

  • Volunteer Groups

  • Housing Associations

  • Charities

  • Faith Organisations

  • Community Centres

  • Libraries

My group doesn’t have a large budget…

We understand and want to help you provide the best service you can to your members. Services from the Uswitch Community Events Team are always free.

Can I trust that my group will get helpful information?

We are accredited by energy regulator Ofgem under its Confidence Code, which means we voluntarily follow a set of guidelines that ensure customers can rely on us to find the right deal for them easily.

And since 2000, Uswitch has helped more than 3.1 million customers save money on their energy bills.

Will you come to us?

Yes. Our team of experts has been all over the country, from Cornwall to Yorkshire, and we love visiting new places. So, wherever your event may be, please do get in touch.

How can I arrange for the Uswitch Community Events team to visit my group?

To find out more about having our team visit your community group, email