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What is prepaid mobile broadband?

Prepaid mobile broadband is also known as pay-as-you-go mobile broadband, and works on exactly the same principle as PAYG mobile phones.

Credit can be added to your USB dongle and as you surf, you use this up until your allowance eventually runs out.

Charges are usually per GB downloaded, and once your credit has run out you will still have enough connectivity to make another top-up. The charges are competitive between providers, and PAYG internet can provide an excellent alternative to contracts for light web users.

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3G and 4G PAYG dongles are available from most major UK mobile broadband providers. Options available include one-month deals that give you a set amount of usage for the period, as well as more traditional pay as you go offers. With the latter, you simply pay a one-off charge for a dongle and can then add credit as and when you need it.

Contract vs PAYG mobile broadband

Pay as you go mobile broadband

  • No long-term contracts to tie you down
  • You can shop around to find the best provider for you
  • Mobile broadband dongles incur a one-off charge
  • Perfect for users who just check mails, Facebook or YouTube.
  • Unsuitable for gamers, heavy downloaders, or those who like internet TV

Contract mobile broadband

  • Cheaper packages
  • Mobile broadband dongles are free on some packages
  • Greater variety: you have more payment and usage options to choose from

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