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Cheapest gas and electricity

Who's the cheapest energy provider or energy supplier right now?

The below table shows the cheapest energy provider and energy supplier tariffs currently available in the UK.

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Who's the cheapest energy supplier right now?

The below table shows the cheapest tariffs currently available.

Supplier Plan Name Price
Economy energy Direct Saver £822 Compare now
Avro Energy Simple and Glow £823 Compare now
Places for people Together Oct 2017 £830 Compare now
iSupply iFix 21 Month £838 Compare now
Octopus energy Octopus 12 month Fixed £862 Compare now

This table's average bill sizes are based on a medium energy user paying monthly by direct debit, with bill sizes averaged across all regions: To learn more about energy user groups and determine where your usage fits in, visit our guide to gas and electricity user groups. Does not include energy tariffs available solely through private initiatives such as collective switching schemes.

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How do I find the best energy deals for me?

When it comes to getting cheap energy, what really matters is who the cheapest electricity or gas supplier for you is.

To do that, you’ll need to run a personalised cheap gas and electric comparison using your postcode, current plan details and consumption info. You'll find the latter two items on your latest energy bill.

The first time you've done this using an energy comparison site, you may well be surprised about who the best energy supplier for you is. Gas and electric suppliers frequently change their prices, so it's worth regularly comparing what's on offer.

Which is the cheapest gas and electric plan for me?

The way energy tariffs work means that there is no one single cheapest energy supplier or tariff, only the best gas and electricity deal for you.

The claim to be the cheapest energy supplier is based on an average user. The problem is that not everyone is average.

Electricity tariffs can vary depending on a household's location and consumption. The same is true of so called "cheapest gas prices".

Luckily, it's easy to find a cheap gas and electricity tariff for your home.

How do I find a cheap gas and cheap electricity supplier?

When you compare gas and electric suppliers, the cheapest provider for you will depend on several different factors - most significantly where you live and how much electricity and gas you use.

When you compare best gas and electric prices with uSwitch we give you a personalised quote, based on where you live and how much energy you use. This enables you to choose the best cheap plan for you.

Some of the best deals may not be available in your area, or the rates may be different.

Usage also has an impact. For example, plans that have a standing charge, with a subsequent lower cost per unit for electricity and gas, might work out cheap for someone who uses a lot of electricity, but very expensive for someone who uses very little.

So, if you're a low user, the standard best deals or the cheapest energy supplier on average may not be right for you. Our comparison tool will take all of the above into account and help you select the best value energy suppliers for you, to ensure you have access to cheap gas and electricity prices.

So which energy suppliers offer cheap gas and cheap electric in your area? The only way to be sure you're getting the cheapest electricity and gas prices is to run a comparison of the whole energy market.

Your energy will be delivered through the same pipes and cables as your current supply and your new and present gas and electric suppliers will arrange the transfer.

Some suppliers offer fixed price deals. What are the key benefits?

A popular choice for households as of late has been to opt for fixed price energy plans. A flurry of fixed rate contracts were introduced in late 2012, and although these come at a slightly higher premium - so will not represent the cheapest gas and electricity right now - they will lock your energy rate for one, two or even three years.

If you can afford the premium, a long term fixed rate electricity and gas plan could mean significant future savings.

Some of these gas and electric plans come without cancellation fees. So, in the event of an electric and gas supplier lowering rates, you can switch without incurring a charge. Despite this, long term fixed rate contracts launched in July 2013 have seen an increase in premiums charged, so it is always worth looking around before switching to a different electric and gas provider.

How does uSwitch find the best gas and electricity prices?

Our energy experts strive to make sure we have up-to-date and accurate facts and figures in terms of industry developments as well as quotes. We endeavor to uncover any hidden costs to help you find cheap energy deals.

As energy suppliers value the customers we bring them, they often offer exclusive deals through uSwitch. To access these offers simply run a comparison of cheap suppliers through our website.

We also have a customer care department which provides support and answers any questions you might have about switching and obtaining the best gas and electricity quotes.

Here at uSwitch we conform to Ofgem's Confidence Code. As a result we operate independently of energy suppliers and help you compare the best electricity and gas prices through a simple and reliable process.

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Take back control of your energy bills with uSwitch!

We make it easy to compare and save up to £618