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Energy Q&A: What’s an online energy tariff?

Energy Q&A: What’s an online energy tariff?

Considering an online energy plan but not sure if it’s right for you? Find out what makes a plan 'online'

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If you’re considering an online energy plan, it’s probably because it’s one of the cheapest energy tarrifs available to you.

But you might be wondering, what does it mean, exactly, to have an online energy tariff and what are the benefits? Are they actually cheaper than other tariffs?

So, here's what it means: Online gas and electricity plans simply mean that you manage your energy account using the internet.

That includes accessing your consumption, submitting meter readings and viewing your bill.

Sometimes it also means you can only sign up for the plan by finding it online — either on the supplier's website or by using a price comparison site like uSwitch — instead of calling the supplier's customer service line.

(However, if you prefer speaking to an energy expert before choosing a plan, you can speak to a uSwitch customer service rep, who can go over your consumption and best plans for you, and still switch you to an online plan.)

Due to the above, you can see how the overhead costs for the supplier are lower, and therefore the cost to be on the plan is lower, too.

If you have any issues with your supply or bill, you should still be able to call your supplier and speak to a customer service agent.

If you’re comfortable managing online accounts — i.e., you utilise your bank’s online system to manage direct debits or often view your mobile phone bill online — then an online energy tariff is perfect for you.

You’ll likely pay less on average and can even request to have a printed bill sent to you at special request as needed.

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