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Control your energy

Take control of your bills with our app. Connect a smart meter to track your hourly energy usage.

Earn money for reducing your electricity usage

You can earn around ÂŁ3 for every kWh of electricity usage you reduce by signing up for Utrack Money Back, a National Grid scheme that runs on specific hours on specific days between November and March.

Track your energy across the day

Connect your smart meter to understand your home better. Check your usage peaks every day and make changes to how you use energy at home.

Everyday updates and tailored tips

Manage your energy savings plan with timely alerts and helpful hints.

Could you be wasting energy overnight?

Identify where you can save with 24-hour tracking.

Don't miss out on your personal reports.

Get notified as soon as your daily insights are ready.

Start tracking in 4 simple steps

  • Add your details

  • Connect your smart meter

  • See your personal insights profile

  • Start controlling your energy

See how much you could save

Quiz questions and energy tips help you improve your energy knowledge.

Join the 800,000+ Uswitch app users who have taken control of their bills


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