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Drain Nation FAQ

What apps are draining my battery?

Our research has shown that the top 10 battery draining apps are:

Google Facebook Messenger WhatsApp Messenger Amazon Alexa Gmail Uber Taxi Waze Google Chrome YouTube Music

Take a look at our table to see our list of the top 50 battery draining apps.

How do I stop my Android or iPhone battery from draining?

The main thing that’ll drain your battery is the apps you use. Whether it’s WhatsApp accessing your photos to share in a group chat, or Uber checking your location to get a taxi to you quickly, all these app functions need power.

If you want to make your battery last a bit longer, we recommend closing apps when you’re done using them and switching to low power mode.

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Why is my phone battery draining?

Everything you do on your phone drains the battery, from calls and messages to watching videos and going online. Most of this happens through apps, like Google, WhatsApp and Netflix.

If you’re wondering which apps are draining your battery, most phones let you check that in the settings. So take a look and close any that you don’t need, as they might be running in the background and draining power even when you’re not using them.

Why is my phone battery draining so fast?

If your phone battery is draining really fast, it might be down to the apps you use. Some apps use up more power than others. And some even work in the background, so make sure you close apps once you’ve finished using them.

What are the top three battery draining apps?

Google, Facebook and Messenger are the three three apps that drain battery the most. YouTube, Uber, and Gmail also use a lot of battery. You can see a full list of battery draining apps in the tables above.

Which apps are draining your Android battery?

From Facebook to WhatsApp to Google, popular apps can be a drain on your Android smartphone’s battery. Try using low power mode to get more life from your battery.

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