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iD Data Rollover FAQ: your questions answered

iD Mobile, Carphone Warehouse’s in–house mobile network, has launched a new scheme aimed at ensuring you don’t end up paying for mobile data you don’t use.

Called Data Rollover, it's intended to allow you to access the web via 3G and 4G networks without having to pay extra if you do slightly exceed your monthly limit.

Read on and we’ll explain how it works and how you could save.

So, what’s the deal?

Simply put, Data Rollover allows you to take any unused data from one month and use it in the next.

So, if you have a 4GB monthly allowance and only use 3GB, the remaining 1GB will be rolled over into the next month, giving you a new allowance of 5GB for the next 30 days.

Sounds good. But how much extra will it set me back?

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Here’s the good bit. iD says it won’t charge extra for customers to rollover data.

That makes it the first network to make such an offer for free.

Great news. But you need to be a new customer, right?

Wrong. iD says that new and existing customers will be able to take advantage of Data Rollover.

Customers on its 12-month, 24-month and one-month SIM only GoTo plans will be able to take advantage of the offer.

Data will roll over automatically each month.

So, are some tariffs not included?

According to iD, customers on its ShockProof and TakeAway plans won’t be eligible for Data Rollover.

It does say that there are no plans to offer this ‘currently’, leaving a chink of light for those who are feeling left out.

Can I roll my data on endlessly?

Mobile phone contracts

Alas, stockpiling endless GB of data is not allowed.

You can roll on one month’s worth of unused data. But because last month’s rolled over data is used first, before your monthly allotted amount, any data that’s left at the end of month can then be rolled over again.

Is there a limit to how much data I can rollover?

No. So if you have a 4GB allowance and, for whatever reason, don’t use any, the entire 4GB can be rolled over. Thus giving you 8GB in the following month.

However, any bolt–ons and extras you buy cannot be rolled over. Only standard data allowance is included as part of the deal.

How can I check how much has been rolled over?

iD says any data that’s left at the end of the month will be detailed on your bill.

You can also dive into the network’s dedicated mobile app to check on your allowance and see how much you’ve got to play with come the end of the month.

Do I need to do anything?

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If you’re an iD GoTo customer, then you don’t need to do a thin. iD will apply the offer without any need for you to opt in.

Data Rollover is an added extra that will become a standard feature of these particular iD contracts. Happy days.

Why now?

BT and EE merger

iD is fighting a major battle against the big boys.

With Three pledging to freeze prices if its merger with O2 goes ahead and EE/BT about to become one of mobile’s biggest players, the likes of iD are pulling out all the stops to try and save consumers money and win their custom.

Data Rollover should go some way to attracting more punters away from the major carriers.

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