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Three Essentials tariffs: everything you need to know

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Three has revealed a new set of budget tariffs, aimed at those who want a basic service without any added bells and whistles.

Dubbed Essentials, they sit alongside the network’s existing price plans, which have renamed Advanced.

So, what’s new? And is it worth switching from your existing contract? Read on we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Three Essentials.

You don't get any sweeteners

three feel at home

Three has stripped put all the extras with its Essentials tariffs.

That means that its new packages do not come with its Feel At Home roaming service, which allows users to make calls, send texts and browse the web at no extra cost when travelling in 19 countries worldwide.

Essentials do not come with tethering either, which means you can’t connect your phone to a tablet or laptop and use its Internet connection.

Three will also deduct calls to its customer services line from your minutes allowance, with charges at the standard rate if you make calls outside of your monthly deal.

Low prices

low price cheap

While all that might seem a bit stingy, it does mean that Three is able to offer fast 4G access for knockdown prices.

Tariffs start at just £6 a month for 500MB of data and 200 minutes, plus texts, rising to £26 for a hefty 30GB of data and all–you–can–eat calls and messages.

You might not get all the fancy stuff, but if all you do is use your phone in the UK, then these deals look very tempting, especially at a time when everyone is tightening their belts.

Pay monthly and SIM only

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Three is offering Essentials as part of its Pay Monthly service, as well as SIM–only.

Obviously, the latter are a lot cheaper, but it’s not scrimping when it comes to the devices on offer for its 24 month packages.

You can pick up the latest iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, as well as as top–end handsets from LG, Sony and Huawei.

Add–ons available

Three says you’ll be able to bolster your data plan each month, although only once you’ve burned through your existing allowance.

If you have a 500MB package, an extra 250MB will cost £2.50. You can’t simply buy unlimited data, however.

Somewhat confusingly, Three makes you buy one data package at a time if you want extra.

So to get 2GB more data, you’ll need to have paid £5 for a 1GB add–on, or have a monthly plan that offers 2GB as standard.

It’s a move which may not endear many to the Essentials range.

You can make long term changes to your tariff via My3, although this incurs a one–off charge.

Added treats

amazon logo hero

If you’re new to Three and sign up for a two year or 12 month package (except the 500MB and 200 minutes offer), you get a £50 Amazon voucher. That applies to Advanced and Essentials purchases.

Sign up for mobile broadband, MiFi or a tablet (not an iPad), and Three will give you £25 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Available now

You can sign up for Three Essentials now online or in store.

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