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Nokia smartphones still top of the tree

Nokia retains its status as the world’s top-selling smartphone manufacturer, new figures have shown, but its market share is now increasingly under attack from rival mobile phone companies.

According to research from research company Gartner, the Finnish mobile phone company sold 60.9 million smartphones last year, giving the company a market share of 43.7 per cent.

This put it way out in front of the second placed company BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion which garnered a 16.6 per cent share – up from 9.6 per cent in 2007.

Also performing well and establishing a threatening presence for Nokia was Apple, which as recently as 2006 had no presence at all in the mobile handset market.

As a result of the success of BlackBerries and other rival devices, Nokia’s share of the market fell from 49.4 per cent last year.

It is thought that Nokia’s depreciating market share is due in part to complex user interfaces on its handsets, which have dissuaded consumers from opting for a Nokia phone.

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