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We want your tales of mobile-related misery

There can’t be too many people who haven’t at some time lost the use of their mobile phone, whether it’s through theft or simple absent-mindedness. I once got through two in a week. One – my trusty old Nokia 3210 – went missing from my coat while I was in a shabby nitespot. Then, just days later I left its replacement – a Nokia 3310 – at a night called 100% Dynamite. London being the hive of scum and villainy that it is, needless to say I never saw either again.

We can all lay claim to similar tales of woe. But as a survey conducted by the BBC shows, sometimes the circumstances are so bizarre as to render the whole farrago comical. Take, for example, one JerBear 1984. Her handset’s now in a million pieces after her dad ran over it with a lawnmower. Then here’s urobosmessiah who was the proud owner of a new HTC S620. Or rather they were until it “vibrated off a shelf and fell in a sink full of water when it rang”.

Perhaps best off, though, is meerkatmatt, who tells how he left his mobile phone “on top of the car once, drove off, then realised what I'd done, reversed back straight”. For shame, meerkatmatt. For shame.

If you’ve lost your mobile phone in similarly ridiculous fashion, we’d love to hear about it. Think of us a support group, if you like, or look at it as a chance to give everyone a laugh amid the chill winds of the economic downturn. Either way, please share your stories of mobile-related misery in the comments section.

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