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  5. Sony Ericsson Naite mobile phone lands in UK

Sony Ericsson Naite mobile phone lands in UK

Sony Ericsson Naite mobile phone lands in UK

The eco-friendly Sony Ericsson Naite mobile phone has landed in the UK on the O2 network.

Part of Sony Ericsson’s green range of GreenHart mobiles, the handset is constructed from recyclable materials and consumes considerably less power than standard phones.

An educational app called Ecomate is also pre-installed in the phone, which aims to teach buyers about environmental concerns, and packaging and manuals have been kept to a minimum to save paper.

Other features of the Naite include a two megapixel camera, an FM radio, Bluetooth, 2.2-inch LCD display and expandable memory.

O2 is giving all customers who buy the Naite a free gift, with everything from organic food hampers to a solar powered charger on offer. Alternatively, O2 will make a donation on to a charity on buyers’ behalf.

Sally Cowdry, O2’s Marketing Director, said: “The Naite is a key part of our strategy to bringing products and services to our customers which can help them reduce their energy consumption.

“It’s about making their decision to buy a greener device easy with an affordable and feature-packed phone, but which also has a greatly reduced carbon footprint.”

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