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  5. Computing hardware manufacturer backs Android OS

Computing hardware manufacturer backs Android OS

Computing hardware manufacturer backs Android OS

With its chips powering a significant proportion of the high-end smartphone market and with customers including Apple, RIM and Motorola, ARM is widening its support for mobile platforms with the formation of an Android alliance.

ARM technology already powers Android handsets, including the Motorola Droid and it is now heading a group of 35 technology firms with the aim of promoting and developing products which use the Android operating system.

The alliance has been created in response to the shift in open source software platforms that the release of Android 2.0 has produced, according to an ARM spokesperson.

Referring to the industry surrounding Android as an 'ecosystem', ARM is establishing its role as an overseer and facilitator of future developments.

Experts concur with ARM executives, indicating the influence of consumer trends over the continued growth of smartphones and other devices which require perpetual connectivity and accessibility.

Technology analyst Jeff Orr expressed his assessment of the situation, highlighting the necessity of a nurturing network which can cut costs and development times for those building Android products.

The 35 member companies of the Android community include many big names, with Archos, Texas Instruments and Mentor Graphics all committing to the shared cause.

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