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Nokia N900 emulator angers Nintendo

Nokia N900 emulator angers Nintendo

A press video showing the upcoming Nokia N900 smartphone playing GameBoy and SNES games has caught the attention of the retro console manufacturer Nintendo and could land Nokia in legal trouble if it is found to be inciting copyright theft.

It is believed that the N900's gaming credentials are going to be bolstered by the inclusion of an emulator which will allow users to play old Nintendo games from ROMs loaded onto the smartphone.

After the video of the emulator in action, playing games including Super Mario World came to the attention of Nintendo, a spokesperson for the Japanese firm made it clear that the company would be taking measures to protect its back catalogue from abuse and infringement.

According to Nokia, N900 owners would have to load ROMs onto the phone themselves, but given the wide availability of pirate ROMs of retro games online it is easy to understand the potential for infringement that may potentially be encouraged by the Nokia emulator.

The market for retro games has been reopened thanks to the Virtual Console emulator built into the Nintendo Wii, but Nintendo would be unable to make any money from the N900 emulator in its current form.

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