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  5. User-generated webOS apps for Palm on the way

User-generated webOS apps for Palm on the way

User-generated webOS apps for Palm on the way

In order to generate more interest in the webOS platform and the Pixi and Pre mobiles that run it, Palm has released a new software development tool that will allow third party firms or even individuals to create their own applications for the operating system.

The new Ares tool is an in-browser creation system that requires little technical knowledge and could attract people who could not get to grips with the complex webOS SDK recently released to developers.

Observers are already praising Ares for its simplicity which makes it accessible to anyone with a bit of ambition and a desire to learn.

If you want to try your hand at webOS app development then you will need to sign up as a developer on the Palm site. Once you have done so, you will be able to access Ares, which is presented as a graphical interface with a fairly hefty number of options at first.

New users will need to take advantage of the various tutorials and guides before they can get started and all of the work that you produce is saved directly to the cloud so that backup and preservation of data is always assured.

Even if you are not a Pre or Pixi owner you can use the built-in emulator to create applications that fit perfectly with the resolution and hardware specifications of the two smartphones.

User-generated content is becoming an increasingly popular method employed by manufacturers across a variety of disciplines to stir up public interest in their products and services. Palm could drastically improve the fortunes of its new webOS-based mobile phones if the Ares development tool takes off.

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