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Xperia X2 delayed by Sony Ericsson

Xperia X2 delayed by Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson looks set to announce the delayed release of the Xperia X2, which was planned to hit retailers in late 2009. Release now appears likely to slip well into 2010.

Vodafone, the network that will be responsible for selling the X2 in the UK, has shifted the availability of the phone into January 2010, which serves to compound the recent challenges faced by Sony Ericsson with regards to the sales freeze on the Satio.

A pre-sale version of the X2 was shown to journalists in October, but it was clear to those who used the mobile that it was still in the testing stage, with software bugs yet to be ironed out. It is likely that troublesome software is the main culprit behind the delay.

The delay of any mobile phone is a setback, but Sony Ericsson will be particularly disheartened because the Xperia X2 will be absent from shelves during the vital run up to Christmas. It is a double blow as the New Year is typically a slow period for sales in all markets.

Mixed previews and now the delayed release suggests that the fates are conspiring against Sony Ericsson at present, although the extra time to work on the Xperia X2 might help it to captivate a market that is currently less than enamoured with some of the firm's offerings.

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