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Palm app numbers reach milestone

Palm app numbers reach milestone

The success of the iPhone's App Store has encouraged most smartphone platforms to produce their own versions of the digital download service and Palm's celebrated webOS has been slowly growing after arriving very late in the day compared to its competitors, with the 1000 apps landmark just reached.

The App Catalogue, which is accessible from the Palm Pre and the Pixi, crossed this boundary just as 2010 began, although it still lags behind the Android Market, which has somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 apps.

The App Store from Apple is still the undisputed king of the app race, with nearly 100,000 applications available for iPhone owners' perusal.

However, Palm has been attempting to encourage more developers over to its platform and is looking to enhance the gaming credentials of its smartphones, so it could yet catch its much larger rivals if it is able to support itself and its App Catalogue for long enough.

By exceeding 1000 apps Palm is at least able to increase the credibility and viability of its app store and the webOS software itself.

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