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  5. Women choose mobile phones above men

Women choose mobile phones above men

Women choose mobile phones above men

A study by in conjunction with the Daily Mail has shown that if women were given the choice between a mobile phone and a boyfriend, some would much rather pick the plastic, pocket-sized option.

40 per cent of the 4000 women questioned in the survey said they could not cope with the loss of their mobile phone, while over 33 per cent said that they would be able to get on perfectly well without a man in their lives.

Mobile phones were held to be the only essential gadgets for women in the UK, although men proved to be more popular than other electronic devices such as MP3 players and notebook computers.

Interestingly, the study also revealed that women would rather ditch their straighteners and other grooming products than lose the use of their mobile phones.

According to Borro Chief Executive Paul Aitken, it is the value of the contents of the phone, rather than the device itself, that keeps the girls so attached to their mobiles.

The important pictures, texts and calls that make up a female's social interaction have become incredibly significant and the loss of a phone represents the loss of thousands of important memories for most women.

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