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LG Pop sells a million

LG Pop sells a million

LG is reaffirming its status as the king of the midrange touchscreen mobile, after it emerged that the Pop GD510 has sold over one million units worldwide.

It is now a two horse race between LG and Samsung for dominance in the entry level area of the touchscreen mobile phone market.

The Pop still has a long way to go if it is to catch up with the LG KP500 Cookie which sold over 10 million units and continues to sell well because of its low price and attractive touchscreen interface.

The Pop was considered to be the natural successor to the Cookie, with a three megapixel camera, a three-inch touchscreen display and a host of widgets available to modify with your fingers on the homescreen system.

As with many of its popular phones, LG has decided to spice up the GD510 Pop by offering it in two brand new colours. A lime green and an aquatic blue version will be making an appearance some time next month.

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