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  5. Top 10 apps for your Nokia smartphone from the Ovi Store

Top 10 apps for your Nokia smartphone from the Ovi Store

Top 10 apps for your Nokia smartphone from the Ovi Store

One million apps are downloaded every day for Nokia phones, in a further sign that more and more consumers are waking up to the joys of online mobile phone software stores. We've cast our eye over all the wares available to download to bring the finest apps that Nokia's Ovi store has to offer.

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1 Fring (Free, Platform: S60)

fring logo

Fring is a peer-to-peer VoIP (Voice over IP) application that lets you to chat live with friends and family using all the popular instant messaging clients out there, including Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ.

It includes integration with Skype to facilitate both voice and two-way video calls over the internet, thereby turning your phone into the ultimate communications device. Better yet, it's free to download. So do yourself a favour and grab this app right away.

2 Nokia Messaging (Free, Platform: S60)

nokia messaging

Nokia Messaging is a ‘push’ email client that enables you to quickly set up and use up to ten personal email accounts, each with its own mailbox in a neatly integrated interface. It supports all the leading email providers out there including Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail as well as IMAP, POP and HTML email. If you need a way to seamlessly access multiple email accounts on your phone, this is the only app you need.

3 PixelPipe Sharing Plug-in (Free, Platform: Maemo)

santa pixelpipe

PixelPipe is a one-stop media sharing solution that allows you to upload and distribute photos, video clips and audio files through the PixelPipe Media Gateway into hundreds of popular image/video uploading sites, social networks, blogs and other online services including FlickR, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more. It also boasts a simple, easy to use interface.

A version of the application is also available on the S60 platform, titled slightly differently as PixelPipe for Sharing Online.

4 Qik (Free, Platform: S60, Maemo)

Ever wished you could share a precious moment with all your friends, family and anyone else in real-time? Then Qik is your friend. In a nutshell, it's a live video streaming application that lets you to record and share events as they happen with anyone you want directly via the Qik website or mobile client, or using popular social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

You can also use it to send video messages directly via email and MMS so your nearest and dearest need never miss those special moments.

5 TuneWiki SMP (Free, Platform: S60, Maemo)


TuneWiki ‘Social Media Player’ automatically searches for and displays karaoke-style lyrics of the song you are currently listening to. More interestingly, it combines an element of social networking by letting you see what others in your vicinity are playing using Google Maps.

Selecting a user displays the title of the song they are playing, with the option to search for its music video on YouTube or find other users around the world playing the same song.

Additionally, TuneWiki has a built-in Internet radio powered by ShoutCast, making it a match made in heaven for music lovers out there.

6 Gravity (£8, Platform: S60)


Gravity is quite simply the best Twitter client available for the S60 platform. It has an incredibly slick interface and all the functionality that you could expect to find in a full-blown desktop client, including direct image uploading via TwitPic, yFrog and more. There is a ten day free trial to help you decide if it jusfifies the £8 price tag. Take it from us though, it’s well worth it.

7 BBC iPlayer (Free, Platform: S60)

bbc iplayer ovi

BBC iPlayer, as you might have deduced from its title, is a client for BBC’s online Catch-Up TV service. Once installed, you can choose to stream live from the Beeb’s numerous channels and radio stations as well as steam or download from the last seven days of programmes. If you live in the UK and love a bit of Doctor Who or EastEnders, then this is the app for you.

8 Quickoffice 6 Mobile Suite (£21.99, Platform: S60)


Quickoffice turns your S60 handset into a powerful business tool by letting you view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files right in the palm of your hand. It has a familiar, desktop look and feel tailored specifically for the small screen and comes with a wide variety of features including advanced file management capabilities, email integration with Mail for Exchange, multilingual spell checking and many more.

Although the £21.99 price tag may seem a little steep at first, if you plan on using your S60 handset as a mobile office, there really is no better alternative.

9 Bounce Evolution (Free, Platform: Maemo)

If you have used any of Nokia’s earlier feature phones, you might have come across a little game called Bounce, where you control a red rubber ball as it rolls and bounces along the level while navigating through a maze of obstacles.

Bounce Evolution is literally an evolution of the original platformer, making great use of the N900’s accelerometer to control the ball’s movement as well as its GPU to render some very impressive 3D graphics. While not as sophisticated as some games out there, it’s still a nice distraction to pass the time and also gives you a good indication of what the N900 is capable of.

10 Snaptu (Free, Platform: S60)


Snaptu is a client for various social networking and ‘lifestyle’ services such as Twitter, Facebook, FlickR, Picasa, News, Accuweather, Sports, Movies, Sudoku and more. It combines the features of social networks and key information services into a unified interface so that you are never left out of the loop with what’s going on out there.

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