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HTC Supersonic video leaked

HTC Supersonic video leaked

The HTC Supersonic, set to be the first ever Android-based smartphone to offer 4G connectivity when it launches later this year, has turned up in a spy video on the internet.

The Supersonic will sport the same 4.3-inch touchscreen display as the older HTC HD2, but with Android 2.1 onboard is likely to be able to surpass its Windows Mobile-based predecessor with ease.

See the HTC Supersonic video below

Rumours suggest that the Supersonic will offer WiMAX compatibility, which will easily overtake the kinds of download speeds that 3G networks offer current generation smartphone users.

The hastily captured video of the Supersonic was recently posted on YouTube and it looks as though its author has managed to get a quick peek at the unreleased mobile without the knowledge of HTC.

Experts believe that the smartphone featured in the video is the genuine article, which suggests that its release could be imminent.

Since WiMAX is not widely available in the UK at the moment, HTC will probably hold off on a UK launch for the Supersonic until it makes sense.

However, a 3G version might make it over here at some point and there is little doubt that UK smartphone fans would embrace from an Android handset with such a large screen.

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