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  5. Spiderpodium gadget surfaces online

Spiderpodium gadget surfaces online

Spiderpodium gadget surfaces online

Accessory manufacturer Breffo has come out with a new eight-legged mobile mounting dock called the Spiderpodium, featuring fully adjustable limbs for flexibility of use.

The Spiderpodium is shown in promotional material balancing an iPhone for comfortable table-top viewing, presumably when the user is on a long journey and does not want to hold onto the mobile for the whole trip whilst they watch a video.

Breffo has even depicted the Spiderpodium in action attached to the handlebars of a bike, although some people might feel a little nervous about placing their precious mobile in this precarious position.

The iPhone may feature frequently in the Spiderpodium adverts, but because the eight legs can be manipulated with multiple points of articulation, it should be able to hold any smartphone or portable media player with ease.

The gadget is set to launch by the end of March in the UK, although if you are keen you can pre-order one right now for around £15.

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