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Touchscreen Walkman phone rumoured

Touchscreen Walkman phone rumoured

Sony Ericsson's debut touchscreen Walkman music phone could be with us in a matter of months, rumours suggest.

Earlier in the year it was made public that Sony Ericsson harboured plans to develop the Walkman phone range in 2010.

According to a report from Digitimes, it has now emerged that the expanded line will include a touchscreen mobile, which is set for release before autumn.

Other additions to the range, however, will arrive earlier and are penciled in for release ahead of summer.

The tech news provider also revealed that only a fraction of Sony Ericsson's output for 2010 will be aimed at the entry-level customer.

In 2009, the Sony Ericsson W995 was considered by critics and users to be a great addition to the Walkman range, but its lack of a touchscreen and true smartphone software platform left it languishing in the midrange.

Now fans of the series are hoping that Sony Ericsson can up the stakes with a fully-fledged touchscreen music phone with powerful hardware and a contemporary operating system.

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