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LG smartphones sales surge

LG smartphones sales surge

LG has announced that the increasing orders for its mobile phones have encouraged it to predict growth of between ten and 20 per cent in the second quarter of the year.

LG is the world's third largest mobile phone manufacturer, behind Samsung in second place and Nokia in first.

The retail prices of mobile phones are staying roughly the same in this quarter as in the first three months of the year, according to an LG representative speaking at a press conference on Wednesday.

LG also said that it would be boosting its current smartphone range with new additions in the coming months, particularly targeting the high end of the market which is dominated by Apple, HTC and Research in Motion (RIM).

The amount of money that LG spends on promoting its mobile phones is set to rise in response to the increased revenue, which means that consumers will be targeted by many more LG advertising campaigns.

LG is going to launch its second Android-based smartphone soon, aiming at entry level customers in the same way as many of its rivals.

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