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New HTC smartphone snapped

New HTC smartphone snapped

The HTC PC70110 smartphone, which features a hybrid touchscreen and full QWERTY interface, has turned up in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) labs for testing.

A quick look at the FCC website also shows that the smartphone is listed, which means that after testing is complete it could soon be launching in the US.

Little information about HTC's next smartphone has surfaced, but observers believe that it will use the Android operating system based on the arrangement of the navigation keys and trackpad.

HTC is unlikely to stick with the PC70110 name, as it is known for giving its smartphones fairly outlandish titles such as the Legend, Desire and Hero.

The design of the phone appears to be fairly standard, with black plastic covering most of the outside.

However, the slide out keypad is bordered by vibrant sky blue, suggesting that HTC is gunning for the fashion-conscious audience, possibly with the intention of releasing different versions of this mobile phone with a variety of colours, according to Engadget.

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