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Nokia N8 to be unveiled today?

Nokia N8 to be unveiled today?

Nokia's next big smartphone, the N8-00 could be announced today, after several weeks of growing speculation and half-truths circulating on the internet.

The N8 is rumoured to be the showpiece of a mysterious online event to be held today. So far, it is only known that Nokia will definitely be promoting a new mobile, but it is widely thought that it will be the highly anticipated addition to the N Series.

The Nokia N8 is said to be the first smartphone based on the company's Symbian 3 platform and most believe that the high-end smartphone is going to hit the mainstream market before the summer.

Invitations to the junket came complete with a slightly cryptic image attached, showing two speech bubbles of varying sizes.

Speculation suggests that this might signify the arrival of a C Series handset, rather than the N8, although nothing is as yet confirmed.

There is a chance that Nokia is launching multiple mobiles at the virtual event and the C6, an affordable texter, or the C3 could be among the announcements.

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