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  5. Ovi and Android Market outpaced by GetJar

Ovi and Android Market outpaced by GetJar

Ovi and Android Market outpaced by GetJar

Download service GetJar has hit a billion global app downloads, edging out both Nokia's Ovi Store and Google's Android Market in the race to this landmark figure.

GetJar has been very specific with its measurements and has pinpointed the app download which pushed it over the billion mark. The app in question was downloaded by an Android user at two minutes past eleven on the 7th of June.

No other third-party application market has been able to break the billion barrier so far, with Apple the only provider ahead of GetJar in terms of raw downloads.

"We've supported over 60,000 apps from developers across all major platforms and our open philosophy has been integral to our continued growth and the development within the industry. We're looking forward to the next billion downloads," said GetJar's Ilja Laurs.

GetJar is based in Lithuania and the last 12 months have proved to be the most important in its history. In June 2009 it crossed the five hundred million download mark and it has gone on to double this in a year.

The GetJar service is home to over 70,000 apps and it has an impressive catalogue of 316,000 developers creating content for its platform.

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