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HTC Evo surges to 300,000 sales

HTC Evo surges to 300,000 sales

The release of the HTC Evo has become a qualified success after it was announced that 300,000 units have shipped in the US despite the fact that stocks of the smartphone were low in some areas.

The Android powered handset is notable for being the first ever 4G smartphone, as network partner Sprint looks to establish itself as a forward-thinking provider.

Although 300,000 is a decent initial figure, HTC will be well aware that in a smaller timeframe its rival Apple has sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s worldwide.

The EVO looks set to remain exclusive to the US smartphone market because UK network providers cannot offer the necessary 4G connectivity for the time being.

HTC has experienced issues with supplies of the 4.3 inch screen used by the EVO and as a result has been unable to keep up with demand for the phone.

To remedy this, it has entered into a deal with Sony that will see the Japanese manufacturer providing HTC with displays for this and other smartphones in the future.

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