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  5. HTC owners 'more satisfied than iPhone 4 users'

HTC owners 'more satisfied than iPhone 4 users'

HTC owners 'more satisfied than iPhone 4 users'

The iPhone 4 is complained about by 35 times more users than those who recently picked up a new HTC handset, according to the Taiwanese firm.

Apple's Steve Jobs won the contempt of most smartphone manufacturers when he claimed that the antenna problems suffered by the iPhone 4 were common to its rival manufacturers' phones too.

In response, HTC hit back by revealing the disparity in customer satisfaction levels between owners of its recent mobiles and people who have opted for an iPhone 4.

An emailed press release from HTC stated: "It is well understood by the industry that if enough of a phone and its antenna is covered, the radio frequency signal will be [reduced to some extent].

"At HTC, we carefully engineer our phones to ensure that this effect is minimised in real-world use."

Motorola's Sanjay Jha recently also spoke out against Mr Jobs' remarks, claiming that he was being "disingenuous" in his criticism and that the Motorola Droid X had significantly outperformed Apple's smartphones in Moto's own reception tests.

Motorola was not implicated in Mr Jobs' finger-pointing, but apparently felt that it was being implicated by broad ranging nature of Mr Jobs' statements.

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