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Opera Mini revamped for mobile phones

Opera Mini revamped for mobile phones

A new edition of the popular Opera Mini mobile browser has been launched, bringing with it the expected range of enhancements to further improve the mobile internet experience.

Opera says that version 5.1 of the browser is available to use with over 3000 different mobile phone models.

The interface of Opera Mini 5.1 is now able to deal with multiple windows being open simultaneously and the scrolling speed has been improved to make the whole app feel slicker.

Opera Mini has always been a favourite of mid to entry level smartphone users and Opera says that this updated version is an essential download for anyone running Symbian S40 on a Nokia mobile.

Lars Boilesen of Opera said: "The goal with Opera Mini is to make the web available to anyone regardless of where they come from or the handset they have.

"More than 61 million people on over 3,000 devices have chosen to surf the web with Opera Mini for fast and easy internet access at a considerably lower cost."

It is claimed that Opera Mini reduces the size of web page data by 90 per cent before passing on the information to the user's mobile, resulting in faster page load times and ensuring that the cost of mobile browsing is kept to a minimum.

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