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  5. Carphone launches music streaming app

Carphone launches music streaming app

Carphone launches music streaming app

Carphone Warehouse has launched a mobile music streaming service, in a bid to challenge the likes of Spotify.

Music Anywhere bases its list of available tracks on the music that you have saved on your PC, although you will not need to leave your PC on if you want to stream music to your mobile phone when you are out and about.

The service will simply scan your PC, make a note of the songs that you have on your hard drive and then add them to the library that you can access from your phone.

All major smartphone platforms, including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry, are all supported by their own Music Anywhere app.

Some have expressed concern that the Music Anywhere app will allow people with massive collections of pirated music to get access to this content from their mobiles, but apparently this is actually the best way for artists to gain money from tracks which may have been pirated.

This is because royalties are paid for every track that is streaming using the service, so artists and labels will get payment when they might previously have been left with nothing.

Users will have to pay a £30 subscription fee for a year's access to the Music Anywhere streaming service and observers will be keen to see whether another firm will be able to flourish in a market which has become slightly oversaturated with competing providers.

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