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  5. Palm Pre 2 gets its first “official” commercial

Palm Pre 2 gets its first “official” commercial

Palm Pre 2 gets its first “official” commercial

The newly announced Palm Pre 2 has received its debut TV spot, showing off the handset and the revamped webOS 2.0 in all its glory.

The 30-second spot (see below) highlights some of the biggest features of the Pre 2 powered by the latest iteration of webOS, including the new ‘Just Type’ feature that takes universal search to the next level by enabling users to simply type to initiate quick actions, such as making a calendar entry.

It also showcases the improved multitasking functionality, or ‘true multitasking’ as Palm likes to call it, which expands upon the ‘card’ metaphor for running applications by organising them into ‘stacks’ of cards.

It’s still not as slick as some of Apple’s ads but is miles better than the ‘creepy lady’ ads that American consumers been subjected to with the launch of the original Pre.

The improved commercial and the HP logo in unison with the Palm logo at the end of the spot shows that HP’s acquisition of Palm this summer may be doing the troubled smartphone maker some good after all.

The Palm Pre 2 has already launched in France’s SFR network. It is rumoured to arrive on Verizon in the US early next year and with any luck, the UK not long after that.

In terms of design, the Pre 2 is nearly identical to the Pre Plus in design, except it now sports a flatter, studier glass surface with a bezel rim. It also houses a 1GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, plus a five-megapixel camera with LED flash and extended depth of field.

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