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Cheap iPhone could happen, says Apple COO

Cheap iPhone could happen, says Apple COO

A cheaper iPhone could be part of Apple’s plans as it bids to target the pay as you go market, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) has disclosed.

Rumours of a cut-price edition of Apple’s best-selling smartphone have been abroad in the tech press for years now. Last week they were lent fresh credence after an unnamed industry source told Bloomberg news agency that he had actually seen said device, which is apparently two thirds of the size of the standard iPhone, and that it would retail for a pocket-money friendly £125.

However, today we’ve got the clearest hint yet that the fabled handset could happen, after Apple COO Tim Cook broke cover regarding Cupertino’s intentions in a Q&A with Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconagh.

Apple iPhone 4 alternate

According to Sacconagh, Cook said that he did not want Apple products to be “just for the rich” and said that it is working on “clever things” to make them accessible to lower-income pre-pay customers.

Sacconagh interpreted the Apple man’s remarks as an affirmation that “Apple is likely to develop lower priced offerings” in future.

Coming to market with a cut price phone would represent a sea change in the tech giant’s business model for smartphones, having until now concentrated solely on the top premium end of the market.

The shift is believed to have been driven by the rise of Google’s rival Android platform, which has been fuelled in part by cheaper models offering modern smartphone functionality at a budget price.

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