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Nintendo rules out smartphone

Nintendo rules out smartphone

Nintendo has no plans to enter the smartphone market, the gaming giant’s US President has disclosed, quashing rumours that it’ll follow Sony’s lead by leveraging its brand for a games focussed handset.

In recent weeks, Nintendo fan forums have been abuzz with chatter about a 3D capable gaming handset, taking the best facets of the Nintendo 3DS and blending them with cutting-edge smartphone functionality.

However, Reggie Fils-Aime put paid to persistent speculation about the Ninty smartphone in an interview with US news behemoth CNN.

Fils-Aime said: "We have no desire to get into telephony.

"We believe that we will earn our way into someone's pocket without having to offer [phone capability] as an additional factor."

Expanding on the company’s plans, one of Nintendo’s key production movers and shakers Hideki Konno identified a number of obstacles that currently prevent the company from pressing ahead with a handset.

Chief among these is the need to enter partnerships with networks that would mean that games revenues would necessarily be split, leaving Nintendo with scant option but to increase the unit price for games.



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