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  5. LG Optimus 2X glitches still not fixed

LG Optimus 2X glitches still not fixed

 LG Optimus 2X glitches still not fixed

LG Optimus 2X owners have been warned that the promised fix for freezes and random reboots may not be along for some time, as the phone maker behind the dual core Android kit continues to work on a solution.

Problems with the smartphone, which caused some models to display the dreaded black screen of death, surfaced in early May. The issue was reportedly so widespread that a forum listing grievances from users on the XDA developers site ran to 106 pages.

Not long after, LG issued a patch for the problem. And that was that. Or so it seemed, until it emerged on on the same site that users are still experiencing issues with their handsets.

LG Optimus 2X

In a post on LG’s Italian blog, has since disclosed that it’s aware of the problem and is continuing to work on a firmware update that’ll put paid to it once and for all.

However, LG also admits that it now doesn’t expect this to land for several weeks, having originally anticipated it’d be able to push out the update at the end of May.

It’s not apparent if sales of the 2X have been hit by the issues. But it’s fair to say that they’re all LG needs as it bids to improve its rep among smartphone owners, having rather missed the boat with its original, somewhat underpowered efforts on the Android platform.


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