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  5. HTC Flyer 2 to sport 3D dual cameras?

HTC Flyer 2 to sport 3D dual cameras?

HTC Flyer 2 to sport 3D dual cameras?

HTC could be preparing a 3D sequel to its Flyer Android tablet, a leaked snap from Taiwan suggests.

Obtained by, the shot reveals what looks be the top rear shell of a device that looks remarkably similar to that of the Flyer. Similar, except that it sports not one but two camera holes, which tells us that it may be capable of shooting videos in 3D.

Additionally, a loudspeaker cover is also visible on the right side of the cover, while the headset jack appears to have shifted from top left to right (from rear perspective).

What sort of specs may be on board is all speculation right now, but it’s almost certain to sport a dual core processor to keep in line with the competition. And if does indeed record in 3D, then we can surely expect 3D display too, hopefully of the same glasses-free stereoscopic variety as the HTC Evo 3D.

Of course, as with most leaks and rumours, take this with your recommended intake of sodium since HTC has yet to announce a successor to the Flyer and is currently busy pushing out the Puccini, it’s 10-inch slate due to land soon.

Still, with 3D starting to become a focus for smartphones, it’s only a matter of time we’ll see it happen with tablets too and HTC is highly likely to be one of the first on board.

Source: via IntoMobile

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