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LG cuts smartphone sales forecast

LG cuts smartphone sales forecast

LG has reduced its projected smartphone sales figure for 2011, as the phone-maker continues to struggle to compete with HTC and Samsung for Fandroid mind share and market share.

Park Jong Seok, head of LG’s mobile phone business, told Bloomberg that it now anticipates sales of some 24 million handsets. This represents a 20 per cent drop from earlier projections of 30 million.

The downgraded forecast comes after the South Korean company’s mobiles wing recently announced a loss of $94 million for the first quarter and amid widely reported teething problems with some of its flagship Optimus-branded Android phones.

Responding to developments, Park was perhaps less bullish than you might expect and said that while the prognosis is improving this will be a slow process.

He was also reluctant to identify a timeframe for a turnaround in its fortunes, claIming that “market variables” means that it is “hard to give an exact timing”.

Last month, LG pushed out a fix for Optimus 2X owners after it was besieged by complaints of random reboots and even a dreaded black screen of death that rendered their handsets inoperable. Alas, the patch failed to nix the problem for many users and LG has pledged to address it soon.



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