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Facebook & HTC prepping Buffy Android phone?

Facebook & HTC prepping Buffy Android phone?

The much-rumoured, lesser-spotted Facebook-branded mobile phone is once again the subject of techtastic rumours today, amid reports that the fabled handset may finally be wending its way to market.

According to the good, good people at All Things D, a Facebook phone manufactured by HTC will land within 12 to 18 months and, as you might expect, is to have social networking features at its core.

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Reportedly codenamed Buffy, the handset will run Android – albeit a highly customised version (fragmentation alert! Abort! Abort!) thereof replete with exclusive Facebook-flavoured services.

HTC has long been linked with the project. However it is apparently only now that it officially attached to the Facebook phone, having beaten out rival Android big hitter Samsung to get the nod.

News of developments in the long-running Facebook phone saga follow months of fruitless rumours, with the result that the legendary handset is now taking on the tenor of a Hollywood Biblical epic.

Earlier this year, HTC launched two phones with dedicated Facebook buttons in the form of the wallet-friendly ChaCha and Salsa, neither of which, it has to be said, seemed to make the same impact as the company’s previous budget Android efforts.


All Things D

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