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Nokia Lumia 800 sales just 1.3m?

Nokia Lumia 800 sales just 1.3m?

Nokia Lumia 800 sales have topped out at a shade over a million units since it launched last year, informal indications suggest.

Keen-eyed The Register reader Benedict Evans tipped off the site that the Lumia 800’s built-in Facebook app is currently getting just 1.3 million regular users. That's just 300,000 more than than in November.

Nokia Lumia 800

Extrapolating from that number (not unreasonably given that its unlikely anyone who’s bought the kit hasn’t used it to log in to Facebook), the Reg posits that it probably almost exactly mirrors the total amount of buyers of Nokia's flagship phone.

The figure, although not start-drafting-the-epitaph dreadful by any means, would nonetheless represent something of a disappointment in light of the vast marketing spend the Finns lavished on the phone.

Reports of weak sales for the Lumia 800 have come thick and fast in recent weeks, with one analyst claiming it has sold so slowly that networks are already planning a price cut for the yet-to-be-released Lumia 710.

Nokia Lumia 710 colours

Nokia, which inked an historic deal with Microsoft a year ago that cleared the way for the Windows-powered Lumia range of smartphones, is set to announce third-quarter profits today.


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