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  5. HTC One X battery fix rolls out on Three

HTC One X battery fix rolls out on Three

HTC One X battery fix rolls out on Three

HTC One X owners on Three can now download a battery-life fix for their phone, addressing some irksome longevity problems that affect the recently released smartie.

An update to version 1.28.771.9 of HTC’s firmware that tackles the phone’s battery life issue and brings some as yet unspecified performance optimisations is available right now as an over the air (OTA) download.

htc one x angled

In what was doubtless a slip of the typing finger, the carrier’s customer reps initially announced the update on Twitter as being available via Kies. As all eagle-eyed tech fans will know, that’s a proprietary download solution for upgrades that's entirely exclusive to Samsung phones.

Three’s move comes after the 1.28 version of HTC’s firmware was made available by other carriers last month and was supposed to tackle the One X's battery-life problems. Alas, it appears to have been ineffective for many users.

Three did not deign to roll out the 1.28 edition , apparently because the network deemed the improvements it brought as not “significant enough" to make it worth the effort.

The handset’s endurance issues are thought to have been related to the way that the phone’s mighty Tegra 3 processor manages power.



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