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  5. iPhone 5 to rock 3.95-inch display made by Sony

iPhone 5 to rock 3.95-inch display made by Sony

iPhone 5 to rock 3.95-inch display made by Sony

Apple’s next iPhone will feature a display measuring close to four-inches, sources abreast of matters have claimed.

Citing unnamed tipsters at the tech giant, 9to5Mac reports that the handset unofficially dubbed iPhone 5 will boast a 3.95-inch panel that uses the latest in-cell panel technology, increasing the possibility of an even slimmer design.

iPhone 5 concept

According to Stone Wu, senior analyst at IHS Displaybank, Sony has been reportedly working on the display since February. The display will feature a 640 x 1136 resolution – 176 pixels taller than it is currently, he claims.

The width of the display will apparently remain the same, but the height will be raised to 3.45 inches, which suggests an almost 16:9 aspect ratio, ideal for widescreen video playback.

Wu added that Apple has enlisted three more companies for the manufacturing detail, which we are guessing includes Sharp and Toshiba as previously rumoured.

A larger screen will allow Apple to keep up with the deluge of expansive Android kits flooding the market which house displays nudging the five-inch-mark, such as the soon-to-drop Samsung Galaxy S3.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 isn’t expected to land until at least September or October. However, some industry-watchers are already claiming it could be the most substantial upgrade yet for a smartphone release cycle.



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