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  5. iPhone 5 to introduce ‘mini’ dock connector

iPhone 5 to introduce ‘mini’ dock connector

iPhone 5 to introduce ‘mini’ dock connector

Apple’s next iPhone will reportedly feature a smaller dock connector, fresh rumours suggest.

Citing unnamed manufacturing sources, TechCrunch reports that the iGiant will do away with the current proprietary 30-pin port that is common to most iOS devices in favour of a new 19-pin connector.

iPhone 5 rumoured mini port

The ‘mini’ port previously cropped up in a video of purportedly showing off a backpanel belonging to the iPhone 5, but was largely brushed off as a non-starter by the tech press, as such a radical change would surely be ruinous for the Apple accessories market.

However, according to TechCrunch, three independent manufacturers have all ‘agreed’ that a 19-pin port is inevitable for the sixth-gen kit.

Although little else known about the device, various analysts forecasts suggest the sequel will finally bring a larger, four-inch display, along with 4G capabilities and support for Near Field Communications (NFC).

In any case, we won’t find out for sure until Apple takes the stage to officially unveil the handset sometime in October.



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